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BIRDS Pigeon population is increasing becoming a big hassle. Their droppings spoil the external portions of the building. They cause food.. Click here FLIES MANAGEMENT For effective control of flies a chemical treatment on the breeding ground is done. Application of chemical dust to destroy eggs and maggots.. Click here

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BED BUGS CONTROL TREATMENT UPC offers a powerful, customized bed bug treatment. We rely on specialized chemicals to treat the seams.. Click here THE WOOD BORER CONTROL TREATMENT Our certified pest specialists provide you with the best wood borers control treatment tailored to your property.. Click here TICKS At Ultra Pest Control, we offer powerful, […]

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THE TERMITE CONTROL TREATMENT To eliminate the movement of termites, we have developed the most comprehensive treatment and.. Click here MOSQUITO MANAGEMENT Our experienced and professionally trained service technicians can control your mosquito problems with our quick, hassle free services.We rely on advanced treatments such.. Click here Rodents Ultra Pest Control is the expert in […]

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Covid-19 Disinfection Ultra delivers a professional, high quality, and legally compliant disinfection service. Our qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary Click here COCKROACH CONTROL TREATEMENT We offer an odourless smart gel treatment. This treatment is quick and hassle free as we rely on advanced.. Click here ANTS, SPIDERS & INSECTS CONTROL TREATEMENT We rely […]